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This website contains an extensive number of images and photographs, many of which have been provided by Livingstone’s Travel World network of international travel partners, tour operators, hoteliers, ground handlers, travel service providers, travel promotion and marketing organisations, PR agencies, tourism offices, tourist boards and agencies.

Where there is a legal or moral obligation for us to credit the contributor, we have provided to the right of this page (or below, depending on your browser), a section Named Contributors specifically for this purpose, updating it as and when necessary.

If for some reason we have not provided the necessary credit, we will add the name of individuals, companies, and or organisations, with any required notation, if and when asked to do so within 5 working days.

It is true to say that the many of the images and photographs we use are sent to us in good faith by tour operators, hoteliers, travel trade organisations, tourist boards and PR agencies and the like – and we use them in good faith.

However, we cannot be responsible for any image of photograph that we use or have used without the specific consent of any rights or copyright holder, if it was passed to us by a third party, or any web developer that has worked on the website whatever the circumstances.

Should we have used or posted an image or a photograph in error, we apologise, and will immediately remove the image or photograph in question. If we are offered and able to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement, agreement with the copyright holder, then and only then, will we continue to use it for the intended purpose.

In the event of an error occurring, or a query arising from the usage of any image appearing in this website, please communicate with us immediately. You will find us very co-operative and obliging; and hope the images and photographs we use in this website will provide the mutual benefit we all seek from this usage.

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Named Contributors:

Tourism Ireland – Ireland and Northern Ireland images
Visit Scotland – Scotland, Scottish Isles and Scottish Border images
Visit Wales – Wales and Welsh Border images – Guernsey images
Visit Alderney – Images of Alderney – Herm images – Sark & Herm images
Visit Jersey – Jersey images
Island Partnership | Flickr – Isles of Scilly images
Visit Isle of Man | Isle of Man Railways – Isle of Man images
Pixabay – on numerous webpages
Upsplash – on numerous webpages
Hotels, Resorts, Clubs – with the consent of the owners, management and or operators

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