Deposits & Payments

Deposits paid in respect of a holiday tour featured on this website based on a particular departure date will vary. The deposit amount payable will usually be shown with the holiday tour cost and description, any difference to that shown will be agreed and confirmed prior to, or at the time of booking.

Balances should be paid before the date shown on the Confirmation Details produced with every travel booking; delayed payments will incur a “penalty charge” and could result in the booking being cancelled with a loss of deposit.

A Bespoke travel enquiry requires a £150 travel consultancy fee to cover staff and related costs connected to the preparation of any itemised travel itinerary or proposal from a client brief. Should the client decide to withdraw from these negotiations or use the services of another travel business based on the itinerary, information and recommendations proposed or provided by Livingstone’s Travel World, the fee becomes non-refundable.

The travel consultancy fee can only be waived at the discretion of Livingstones Travel World, who will consider any written request for the fee to be waived. Any fee paid that results in a travel booking through Livingstone’s Travel World, will be treated as a Deposit, which in effect is a payment on account of any amount falling due from any travel booking arising from the initial enquiry. Each enquiry is treated separately but enquires from existing clients, will in most circumstances, are likely to have the fee waived.

Further information in relation to booking procedures, costs, payments, and deposits can be obtained by calling us on 020 7118 2110.

Booking Protection & ATOL

Virtually every travel arrangement, holiday and tour of every type including “package holidays” booked through Shopping For Limited is financially protected by the contractual agreement with Livingstone’s Travel World, who operate as an agent for ATOL holders who are the principal and offer the ultimate protection.

ATOL Receipt and ATOL Certificates are issued to clients at all stages of the booking process; if you do not receive an ATOL Receipt/Certificate then the booking will not be ATOL protected.

In the event that a travel related service required by the client as part of a holiday, holiday tour, break, tour or bespoke travel arrangement is not protected, which with non-air travel and UK land only arrangements may not be the case, we undertake to advise you of this and discuss what protection is possible. Cover can often come from that provided by a debit or credit card payment or from a particular type of travel insurance.

For more information about ATOL protection and if it is applicable to your booking go to the website:

Travel insurance is an absolute necessity with all overseas travel, and more apparent with the advent of covid-19 pandemic and airline failures. Assistance and advice about travel insurance cover and specific wedding & honeymoon cover is available through affiliations we have with recognised and well-established travel insurers and brokers.

Clients requiring information on our general booking conditions should go to Booking Terms & Conditions, those with concerns about booking protection Call Us on 020 7118 2110.

Whatever the travel requirement it can be fulfilled through our agreement with Livingstone’s Travel World, who like us cater for discerning clients. Information on ATOL protected travel and related Deposits & Payments and a very clear Mission Statement with the emphasis on client Customer Care can be found on the three-page links provided here.

“It’s not just the name we share with the great missionary and explorer David Livingstone, we share a passion for travel and the desire to explore, constantly seeking new experiences for our valued and often very well-travelled clientele”